5-layer Co-extrusion Technology
5-Layers Advanced Technology for manufacturing greenhouse films

· Optimal combination of raw materials that endows the greenhouse films whit improved mechanical properties.
· Optimal distribution of additives that enables efficient long term activity.

  • Reduces Dust Accumulation
  • Mechanical strength
  • IR blocking
  • Other additives
  • Anti-drip
  • Reduces Dust Accumulation

    Reduces the accumulation of dust on the greenhouse cover. The advanced technology of 5-Layer extrusion, permits the inclusion of dust - reducing additive to the outside (top) layer of the film. The upper layer produced in this fashion is especially smooth reducing the accumulation of dust.

    Mechanical strength

    The application of our new manufacturing five layers technology enables us to process raw materials that guarantee the high mechanical strength of the cover film. For example, the incorporation of EVA and Metallocene adds important mechanical properties to the films-strength, flexibility and compatibility with all the standards of mechanical tests.

    IR blocking

    • Prevent heat radiation loss from the Greenhouse to the atmosphere.
    • Maintain higher foliage temperatures and drier plants.
    • Reduce the incidence of frost damage.
    • Lead to saving in heating costs.

    Other additives

    The Anti-Drip films contain special additives which eliminate individual droplets, turning them instead into a continuous thin layer of water that runs down the sides of the greenhouse roof and walls.