Anti-mist agricultural films


Mist forms in a greenhouse when the temperature drops and the relative humidity reach saturation and the greenhouse cover has anti-fog,anti-drip Function. Mist has the negative impact on the plants, the leaves are subjected to a thin moist layer, top and bottom, also, mist blocks out the sun’s rays for hours in the “morning after”.



To allow the use of anti-dripping films with all of their benefits without fear of the mist that is sometimes formed during sunset and dawn in greenhouses covered with such films, we have developed anti-dripping films with a special anti-mist function that reduces the formation of mist.

We use Japanese coating liquid to accomplish best anti-dripping and anti-mist effect.

The benefits of the anti-mist agricultural films are:




4.Highly pervious of light



 0.01-0.20 mm


1-22 m


 Light blue, White

Remarks: Color, thickness, width and other specifications can be done according to your requirements.

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