Agriculture Polyolefin (po) Films


The three/five-layer co-extruded PO film is produced by the improved advanced equipment and special raw materials and additives. The production process is that a special anti-fog liquid additive is applied to the film surface and then dried. The agent will be leave to the surface of the film. In this way, it is possible to synchronize the function and service life of the agricultural film. This is a jumping progress in ag film history. The five-layer co-extruded agriculture dry coating PO film is the ideal agricultural film for long life cover.


The benefits of the agriculture polyolefin (PO) films are:

1.IR blocking

2.The synchronization of anti-mist, anti-dripping with their lifetime





7.Enhance thermal character

8.Good transparency

9.Improve the quality and yield of the crop

10.Long lifetime: two to five years warranty or according to what you need


The five-layer co-extruded agriculture Polyolefin (PO) film is the ideal agricultural film for cover.



0.01-0.20 mm


1-18 m


Blue, White

Remarks: Color, thickness, width and other specifications can be done according to your requirements.

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