Anti-drip agricultural films


Droplets formed at the inside surface of greenhouse films due to water-condensation have negative consequences on plant quality and growth, as they reduce light-transmission by 15-30% and increase the incidence of certain diseases. And the bad dripping effect causes water drop damage plants.

The anti-drip agricultural films that contain special additives which eliminate droplets and form instead of a continuous thin layer of water running down the sides, protect the plants from water drop damage.


The benefits of the anti-drip agricultural films are:

1.More light in the greenhouse

2.Higher crop yield

3.Earlier harvesting

4.Better quality of the crop, higher commercial value

5.Fewer diseases

6.Reduced need for pesticides


0.01-0.20 mm


1-22 m


 Light blue, White

Remarks: Color, thickness, width and other specifications can be done according to your requirements.

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