Light Diffusion Agricultural Films


The light diffusion agricultural films improve photosynthesis efficiency by enhancing the exposure of different plant parts to visible light. This is especially important in model crops with a developed landscape such as tomatoes,cucumbers,roses, and others.



The diffusion film can lower peak temperature at noon in order to protect leaves from burning on the precondition of same light transmittance. In the meantime, diffused light can even reach to the root of crops which facilitate the photosynthesis of low-middle parts of crops*-, and boost the utilization of light.


Light Diffusion agricultural films are especially suitable for the area with high radiation.


The benefits of the light diffusion agricultural films are:

1.Higher crop yield.

2.Earlier harvesting.

3.Better quality of crops.

4.Enhance photosynthesis

5.Lower peak temperature at noon

6.The cooling effect



 0.01-0.20 mm


1-22 m


Light blue, White

Remarks: Color, thickness, width and other specifications can be done according to your requirements.

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